Open Frame / U-Frame Package

Switching power supplies for Medical & Healthcare Applications. All supplies listed here are safety approved to UL / EN / IEC 60601-1 Standards.  Please consult APS for unique voltage set-points and other modifications.



Medical Healthcare Power Supply

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Vout Range





45W Single 12 ~ 48 VDC 4.00 x 2.00 x 0.92"

Medical Healthcare Power Supply



50W Single 5 ~ 48 VDC 4.00 x 2.00 x 0.92"

Medical Healthcare Power Supply




Single 12 ~ 48 VDC

4.00 x 2.00 x 0.97"

open frame switching power supply


APS63MI 65W Single 12 ~ 48 VDC 4.00 x 2.00 x 0.92"

Medical Healthcare Power Supply



100W Single, Dual,
Triple, Quad
3.3 ~ 48 VDC 4.50 x 2.50 x 1.20"

Medical Healthcare Power Supply



150W Single, Dual,
Triple, Quad
3.3 ~ 24 VDC 5.00 x 3.00 x 1.40"

Medical Healthcare Power Supply



300W Single 9~54VDC 5.00 x 3.00 x 1.50"

Medical Healthcare Power Supply



400W Single
2 ~ 58 VDC

8 x 5 x 1.6" (U-Frame)
9 x 5 x 1.6" (Fan-Cover)

Medical Healthcare Power Supply Single
Medical Healthcare Power Supply Dual

Advanced Power Solutions offers these Medical Power Supplies in Open-Frame / PCB Mount Packages healthcare / and gaming applications. These medical approved power supplies range in power from 45 Watts to 400 Watts. Advanced Power Solutions medical power supply solutions can be modified to meet application specific requirements. All models provide universal AC input with full safety agency certifications such as IEC60601-1 / UL60601-1 / EN 60601-1 for medical switching power supply applications and backed by our 1 year warranty.

Due to high-risk factor and patient mortality, the manufacture and integration of medical power supplies face distinctive challenges. AP designers realize the specific medical compliance standards. APS Medical Power Supply designers provide a wide selection of medical power supply options to fit applications from 5 watts to 400 watts. Whether or not you choose economical open frame power supplies, all models are fully qualified to international safety certifications for UL/EN60601-1 as they apply to medical power supply products.

The style of medical power supplies or the integration of such supplies into medical equipment has lengthy posed exclusive challenges to engineers and system designers. The overall performance of medical power supplies in such applications can be potentially life saving. With the growing demand for medical apparatuses, designers must become far more familiar with their classification of products and the related compliance standards needed.

Medical Power Supplies and UL60601 | EN60601 | IEC60601

The safety requirements of medical power supplies for use in Healthcare Equipment follow the same requirements established in IEC /UL / EN 60950-1 with increased levels of protection for Insulation / Isolation, Creepage, Clearance and Leakage current.  All medical power supplies, regardless edition must provide dual fused input protection with reduced leakage currents of ≤300µA to earth ground and ≤100µA to the chassis to meet any of the legislated medical power supply specifications.  First published in 1977,  IEC / UL / EN  60601-1 edition is scheduled to expire in June 2013.  The new 3rd edition for medical power supplies became effective in December 2010. 

THE 1st EDITION OF UL60601 | EN60601 | IEC60601 in relation to medical power supplies

The 1st edition established varying equipment categories that require different levels of protection if the medical power supply is operated within the “Patient Vicinity” area. Patient Vicinity for medical power supplies was defined as a space within the room 1.83 m (6 feet) beyond the perimeter of the bed (examination table, dental chair, treatment booth, etc. . .) in its intended location, and extending vertically 2.29 m (7-1/2 feet) above the floor. 

The varying “Patient Vicinity” applications for medical power supplies were defined as:

Type B (Body)
– Non-patient equipment, or equipment with grounded patient connection
Type BF (Body Floating) -  Equipment with a floating patient connection
Type CF (Cardiac Floating) -  Equipment with a floating connection for direct cardiac application

As mentioned earlier, all medical power supplies must meet UL60950 | EN60950 | IEC60950 standards, with increased requirements for leakage, isolation, insulation, creepage and clearance defined by UL60601-1 | IEC60601-1 | EN60601-1 as follows:

  • Mains to secondary creepage of 8mm and clearance of 4mm
  • Double / Reinforced insulation for equipment operating up to 250VAC
  • Primary to secondary dielectric withstand test of  4000VAC.
  • Earth leakage current maximum is 0.5mA (Variation of 0.3mA for UL60601-1 in North America) for normal operation and 1mA maximum for a single fault condition.
  • Patient leakage current for the above categories is:
    • 0.1mA (0.5mA single fault) for type B and BF
    • 0.01mA (0.05mA @ single fault) for type CF
  • For DC leakage current the values are 0.01mA DC (0.05mA DC) for all categories


The 3rd Edition of UL60601 | EN60601 | IEC60601 relating to medical power supplies

The primary difference for medical power supplies introduced by the 3rd edition concerns the “classification” of a device than to changes in medical power supply design.  The “Patient Vicinity” area definitions have been replaced by an ISO-14971 Risk Analysis / Management process which defines two “means of protection” (patient or operator):

                M.O.O.P.   Means of Operator Protection
                M.O.P.P.   Means of Patient Protection

There are two sub levels of “one” or “two” depending on the classification determined through ISO-14971 Risk Analysis process.  Once your classification is defined, the medical power supply need to meet the fallowing Isolation, Insulation and creepage requirements:








1500 VAC


IEC60950-1 Rated Power Supply



3000 VAC


IEC60601-1 Rated Power Supply



1500 VAC


IEC60601-1 Rated Power Supply



4000 VAC


IEC60601-1 Rated Power Supply
+ additional Reinforced Isolation Barrier

In essence, a UL60601-1 approved medical power supply will satisfy the majority of applications.  Life support / monitoring equipment will likely require an additional isolation barrier with Double / Reinforced Insulation between the outputs of the medical power supply and any part that can be applied to a patient (typically an isolation transformer or a medically approved DC-DC Converter). Advanced Power Solutions offers reliable medical power supply solutions. Do you need assistance? We'll help you quickly select the right medical power supply for your application. We'll answer your medical power supply questions. Our methodology will help you feel confident in choosing the best medical power supply for your medical application.


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